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About Research Methodology

Market research can provide the right insights and support the right outcomes, only if the research process is accurate. We take a scientific approach towards research. Take a look at our sample reports to seethe techniques used to identify, select, process and analyze information that goes into our reports. Connect with our analysts anytime and discuss the report production process that includes:

  • Step 1
    Data Collection, Information Synthesis and Gap Assessment

    In-depth desk research to develop the market overview, identify market trends, growth factors, technology trends and derive market size and forecasts, supported by an extensive competitive analysis.

    Our data sources include corporate websites, market reports, white papers, company documents, specialized databases, news feeds, journals and publications, among others. We also leverage certified public and private databases to gather relevant data. Industry experts further validate the data to derive key insights.

  • Step 2
    Defining the Scope, Questionnaire Formulation and Survey

    Detailed discussions with relevant stakeholders are conducted by our analysts to formulate hypotheses and define the objectives of the market research reports. We also tap into our own knowledge repositories and historical data series developed over two decades.

    Extensive primary research is conducted using online as well as phone interviews. Research biases are eliminated before the data is collated and cleaned for further analysis.

  • Step 3
    Data Validation, Tabulations and Charting

    At each stage, the data and the analysis go through integrity checks. Data redundancy is removed, data inconsistencies (de-rotation, etc.) are identified and fixed, and the validity of the analysis is confirmed. The data is then processed for tabulations using various formats (ASCII, Excel, SPSS, or any other format as desired by our customers), weighting and graphical representations.

  • Step 4

    Experienced senior analysts work with multiple teams to ensure that our insights are backed by data and can genuinely support global decision-making by our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our data, and our ability to generate highly customized reports using that data.

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