Insecticides include those products that are used to control, kill or repel insects and pests. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom or your garden, insecticides are used every day to keep ant and roaches away. From weed killers for your garden to mildew cleaners for your bathroom to mosquito repellants for the outdoor, home insecticides market in India is growing in leaps and bounds. The home insecticides market in India is gearing up for a steep growth. There has been wide acceptance of home insecticides products among the people in India who want their homes and gardens to be clean and insect-free. The desire to ensure safe and healthy living environment has led to the rise in the demand for home insecticides. Insect repellents like coils, sprays, vaporizers, mats, combustible papers, creams, gels and lotions are the different types of insecticide products that are available in the Indian market.

Different types of home insecticides

There are different categories of insecticides available in India, used for different purposes:


These are insecticide active ingredient that are sprayed onto finely ground dust. These are relatively safer. Dust are best used in areas that are difficult to reach. Common uses of dust insecticides include treatment of ants on wall or wasps on grounds. Dusts are often sold for garden use; but one disadvantage is that the insecticide might get blown away or washed out from the target.


Granular insecticides are applied on inert absorptive surfaces like clay, nut husks or grown corn cob. These are specifically made keeping in mind the soil dwelling insects. These insects are less effective on surface crawling pests. These are commonly used to control ants, grubs and millipedes. These pose severe threats to your skin.


These are insecticides mixed with a gas in a metal can. These are easy to use and apply and can be used on crawling insects as well as flying ones. These are commonly used as ant and roach control. In India, “Hit” is a well-known name when it comes to aerosol sprays. These must be stored properly as they are inflammable and can lead to toxicity.


These are insecticides that are mixed with different types of food items to entice insects to eat them. These come in various forms such as pellets, gels, granules and liquid. These are used to effectively control ants and termites and also to kill rats. These are usually safe to use, especially the containerized baits.

Concentrated sprays:

Concentrated ingredients are mixed in emulsions or solutions that are designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. You can use them in gardens or in soil drenches. These pose threat to human beings as high concentration of chemicals are used in these insecticides.

The home insecticides market in India has a bright future with big players like Godrej Consumer Products, Reckitt Benckiser, Jyothi Laboratories, Dabur India Ltd. and SC Johnson ruling the market. Different types of insecticides are flooding the market from these players, making the industry more diverse.

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