There are several digital marketing agencies flooding the Indian market each day. Digital marketing market in India is the new kid in the block and like any other new kid it is having trouble fitting in. As the world sees India as the new land of opportunities for digital marketing with its youth adding new vibrancy to this field, the digital marketers in the country are facing several challenges. With online content constantly being revamped, digital marketing content is in a state of constant flux. The digital marketers are facing several challenges from all sides. Digital marketing agencies in India are in a state of saturation with uncertainties looming the digital marketing ecosystem.

Challenges in the digital marketing space in India

 There are several issues that are hampering the impending growth of the digital marketing market in India, hampering its growth to the full potential. Some of the key challenges face by digital marketing are:

Client retention: most digital marketing agencies begin with one or two clients but later feel stagnated when they are unable to win new clients. Winning new clients is one of the big challenges in digital marketing space. Even bigger challenge is retaining the existing clients as new content formats are being experimented with every day.

The changing digital landscape: the digital landscape in India is constantly changing and half of the agencies are unable to sustain themselves in this rapidly changing ecosystem. The demand for minimalistic content is on the rise and many agency owners are unable to understand the nuances of what the market wants. Strategy has taken a precedence over creativity in the digital marketing space. The clients in India need to be abreast with all the global changes in the digital marketing space.

Unrealistic client expectations:

Indian clients at times thrust marketing agencies with unrealistic demands like making a video viral, getting leads immediately after a post is made on social media, so on and so forth. It is often difficult for agencies to make clients see what is feasible within the budget that the client has allotted for digital marketing.

Lack of talent:

For many digital marketers, digital marketing is a career that they have landed themselves into by fluke and not by choice. This often leads to a lack of dedication and digital marketers often have obsolete knowledge that do not fit into current demands.

Rising attrition:

Most digital marketing agencies have a millennial workforce. Working with the millennial mindset is a challenge in itself. Attrition is one of the key challenges in the digital marketing agencies in India. With a young workforce, it is difficult to have a stable team in the digital marketing agencies.

In spite of the above challenges in the digital marketing space in India, this industry is still replete with ample opportunities and possibilities to explore. Once the digital marketing agencies are able to overcome these challenges, India will become one of the major markets for digital marketing.

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