Machine learning has emerged as the most ubiquitous innovation in recent times that has helped enhance not only industrial and professional processes but also achieve advancements in everyday living. Being a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning typically leverages statistical techniques to build intelligent computer algorithms to learn from databases available for it. Currently, machine learning is being deployed across multiple fields and industries including for medical diagnosis, image processing, prediction, classification, learning association, regression, among others. The intelligent systems built on machine learning algorithms have the capability to learn from past experience or historical data. Machine learning applications typically provide results on the basis of past experience.

Applications of machine learning in the real world

With the generation of massive volumes of data across industries, data analytics has become crucial for the success of businesses, leading to the rise of machine learning. This apart, the rapid evolution and increased use of Artificial intelligence (AI), development of new robust data models and associated algorithms, and a growing number of start-ups have given an impetus to the expansion of the global machine learning market. Here are some compelling applications of machine learning, which are creating better technology to power today’s ideas –

Traffic alerts on Google Maps

Without a doubt, Google Maps has become the go to app whenever we are on the move and require assistance with directions and traffic. But, has anyone wondered how Google provides such information on a real time basis? Machine learning is the underlying enabler as Google combines the historic data of that route collected over time as well as data from everyone providing their location, average speed, the route in which they are traveling, and this in turn helps them predict the upcoming traffic and adjust your route according to it.

Social Media Tagging

Arguably, one of the most common applications of machine learning is Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestions available on Facebook and on any other social media platform. Facebook typically leverages face detection and image recognition algorithms of machine learning to automatically find the face of the person which matches with the Database and hence suggests us to tag that person. Facebook’s Deep Learning project DeepFace is responsible for the recognition of faces and identifying which person is in the picture. It also provides Alt Tags (Alternative Tags) to images already uploaded on Facebook. 

Product recommendations

Once you check an item on Flipkart, and do not buy it then and there, chances that you will see an advertisement featuring the same product frequently across all social platforms over the next few days is high. Whether you’re watching videos on YouTube or browsing through your Facebook feed, you can come across the same ad, thanks to machine learning algorithms wherein Google tracks your search history, and recommends ads based on your search history. This is one of the coolest applications of machine learning.

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that machine learning is an incredible breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. And while there are certain frightening implications, machine learning applications are one of the ways through which technology can improve our lives.

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