The digital gaming market has been gaining tremendous popularity all over the world. With the increased affordability of net and the growing number of digital device users in the market, the digital gaming market is currently booming worldwide.

The digital gaming market in India is moving along an upward growth curve. India has been experiencing a paradigm shift in the world of gaming and now boasts of more than 200 game development companies, with new start-ups coming up every month.

Most people worry that gaming is likely to become an addiction in youngsters due to the amount of time and energy that is put into it. It is also a pretty expensive habit, considering original games cost a hell lot of money. Furthermore, one of the prime concerns among parents of young gamers is that the constant staring at a digital screen might cause eyesight problems. Though we have always been looking down on online gaming, there are certain aspects of gaming that help in personality development of the gamers.

Games are designed brilliantly in general and compel players to be more engaged in the process and it simultaneously gets harder with each level. Games contribute to an extraordinary amount of internal motivation. What is more interesting is how much external motivation gaming can provide. Research has shown that this motivation does not only drive gamers to play more persistently but also help train and develop minds to implement such persistence in other fields of life.

When a person is playing an online game, he has to concentrate solely on the happenings on the screen to clear the level or avoid getting killed in the game. This helps in the development of the audio-visual and physical coordination in the person. Gaming requires focus while playing, and thus improves attention and concentration.

Frustration, anger, anxiety and grief are pretty hard emotions to handle. And it is often understated how profound video gaming can be in coping with these tumultuous emotions. Digital Gaming allows for an immersion that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. This immersion itself provides an individual to minimize the negative feelings by providing a sort of emotional reward. These experiences generally result in positive outcomes and includes improvement in the overall performance of an individual.

There are various challenging games in the digital gaming market, with varied cognitive puzzles and problems. Playing these games can make the players feel accomplished and even smart. But this is not a false feeling as one might think, as these games can be difficult to solve and generally require a lot of effort. This sense of accomplishment seeps into the real life of the players and makes them more confident and less anxious in social situations.

There has always been a myth regarding gaming among people. It is often considered that gaming results in isolation of an individual, but games have largely improved in the last decades. Now more than half of the gamers play with a group of people either cooperatively or competitively. In the socially-oriented games which have been gaining tremendous popularity, it requires social interactions similar to real-life. There have been studies stating that these type of games help individuals develop social interaction skills that help them in real-world situations.

Thus, though gaming is mostly considered as a time-wasting hobby my one and many, it may help individuals to cultivate a positive mindset, develop immense motivation and persistence in the face of adversity.

India has a growing youth population and they have a greater propensity to play online games due to their exposure to technology and online platforms. Thus the digital gaming market in India is expected to experience a momentous growth in the years to come.

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