The wave of technological disruption is creating quite a stir across industry verticals. It is impacting almost every industry that we know and the transformation is simply unimaginable. The advent of best-in-class technological innovations is creating strong ripples even in the warehousing industry in India. In the first place, these technological innovations are reducing the friction in the warehousing market in India, and also, facilitating efficiency in the entire process with automation. Technical advancements always had the potential to eliminate a number of frictions in warehousing space, but the adoption of technology in this sector has been a long overdue. However, things have changed for the good as far as this industry is concerned, and the increasing penetration of technology in the warehousing sector is bringing about significant metamorphosis. Technology is providing the much needed impetus to the warehousing sector for resolving a number of challenges and bottle-necks, along with achieving new-found efficiency and agility.

Robotics driving transformation in warehousing operations

For long, automation of warehouse operations is regarded as one of the most significant transformations in this space. With the ever growing popularity of online shopping across the globe, there has been a massive impact on logistics and warehouse operations with respect to accuracy, efficiency, and speed. To facilitate warehouse operations, several e-commerce giants are deploying robotics technology for revamping the warehousing operations. 2016 became a landmark year as it marked the onset of this trend.

Currently, robotic technology is undergoing several advancements in a bid to automate and expedite a wide array of warehousing functions. This includes, but not limited to, programming the robots to pick and pack, load and unload, perhaps also deliver the same. The use of robotics not only enhances the processes, data collection, record keeping and inventory management, but also eliminates any chance of human error in the entire process.  

IoT ushering in the next-level of logistics

Internet of Things (IoT) has been dubbed as the most ground-breaking and distinctive technology in the present era. While the technology is widely prevalent in the wearable tech, the same holds the potential of ushering in significant transformation in the logistics and warehousing sector. The most exemplary benefit of IoT is real-time tracking and notifications, automation in data collection process from different machines, sans any kind of human intervention or interaction of any kind.

IoT has also emerged as a definitive solution for enhancing logistic operations by fast-tracking critical functions like automatic inventory management and asset tracking. By leveraging IoT solutions, warehousing companies can easily track the orders that need to be fulfilled, assess how certain items are performing, or identify what other items needs to be replaced. With IoT, companies can also gain significant visibility for cargo shipments, and track whether the same has been delivered as desired, has it been opened, and other. Furthermore, with IoT, logistics companies can facilitate safer delivery of cargo shipment, regulate the temperature and other environmental factors of the shipment, etc. Thus, from fleet and warehouse management to shipment and delivery, IoT is driving a positive impact on the overall warehousing sector.

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