Technology and Regulatory Approaches

Nov 05, 2018


Our client, a leading financial services provider, wanted Research on Global Markets to provide insights into the dynamics of technology and regulatory approaches. Their intention was to know more about the major regulators operating worldwide. The priority was to delve into how global regulators responded to fintech and other technological innovations. The client also sought information on global regulatory guidelines along with technology/issue specific initiatives. 


A meticulous, in-depth research was conducted by Research on Global Markets. After assessing the different approaches of governments around the world in the field of upcoming technologies, the study was segmented into five regions - Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, and South America. Thorough assessments of these regions were conducted. The various initiatives taken by governments in the region were analyzed. Further, regulations specific to emerging technologies/issues were identified across regions and for the different technologies/issues, and then collated to summarize the findings. 


Research conducted by Netscribes helped in the identification of the regulatory initiatives undertaken by different governments to reduce and manage the various risks associated with emerging technologies in the region. The report also provided briefs on new regulations that are in the process of being implemented. The study highlighted areas of concern which could attract regulatory policies.

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