Technology Assessment in Automation

Nov 05, 2018


Our client, a leading ICT company, wanted Research on Global Markets to develop an in-depth understanding of the business opportunities and competitive landscape in the global automation market. The objective was to understand the potential of technologies such as RPA, heuristic automation, cloud orchestration, and cognitive virtual assistants in the market.


Research on Global Markets ensured that the entire size of the market along with its growth trends be covered. Latest initiatives of companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services were checked. This helped to understand the most innovative and unique content pieces used by the product companies. Sectors were covered by their automation potential. The requirement of the buyers and challenges faced by C-suite executives in implementing AI/automation projects in their organizations were covered.  A thorough checking of the issues and barriers in the adoption of AI/automation across the enterprises were done.

Research on Global Markets used secondary research predominantly to understand the current scenario in the global automation market. Various secondary sources, such as company websites of competitors, industry and government publications, news publications and other articles, and private databases, were utilized to determine the market adoption and growth trends of various segments of automation, e.g., RPA, cloud orchestration, multi-cloud management, and DevOps. Channels used by product companies to engage with customers were analyzed. A thorough checking of the issues and barriers in the adoption of AI/automation across the enterprises were done.


The meticulous study by Research on Global Markets helped in the assessment of the potential of the various technologies in the automation market. The research also highlighted the areas of implementation for these technologies in various industries. The report helped the client understand the growth potential of the technology. It stressed on the various initiatives taken by some of the major players to reach out to their customers. 

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