Technology Assessment

Nov 05, 2018


Our client, a leading ICT company, wanted Research on Global Markets to examine the potential of artificial intelligence(AI) and cognitive computing in the global markets.


A meticulous, in-depth report was made by Research on Global Markets that focused on the global evolution and the market size of AI and cognitive computing. It suggested that the outlook of the macro industries showcased how both these technologies would behave in the near future. Reports that predicted the impact of the two technologies on humans and industries, along with the growth of the technologies were covered. An in-depth analysis of some of the key technologies used in AI and cognitive computing were looked at as well as the organizations that can be the forerunners in these areas.
The approach taken by Research on Global Markets was to help understand each of the technologies with regards to the start-up culture. Reports were analyzed and discussed to evaluate the growth areas for each of the technologies. Areas of expertise and key vendors were to be identified. Validating the importance of the technologies by providing use cases and investment patterns were done. Special focus was given on reports of the technologies of the Consumer Services Industry along with used cases


Research on Global Markets shared a detailed report with the client. It highlighted the market potential for AI and cognitive computing separately. This helped the client to make strategic decisions to enhance its portfolio regarding the same. The research helped the client to understand the potential of the technologies and the direction toward which the industry was moving.

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