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Contract Research Organizations Market Study: Customer Feedback, Market Outlook, and Product Output - Overview

Contract Research Organizations Market Study: Customer Feedback, Market Outlook, and Product Output - Overview
  • Jan 10, 2014
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  • Insight Pharma Reports
Insight Pharma Reports conducted a survey on contract research organizations (CRO). Questions were specifically aimed at customers of CROs to measure satisfaction and the impact on the pharma industry. This survey begins with first identifying the participants and their research backgrounds. Respondents were then asked to identify the CRO(s) they work with and rank their satisfaction of 17 different tasks and features offered by these CROs. The survey results display satisfaction rankings for 10 CROs including:
INC Research
inVentiv Health Clinical
Satisfaction rankings also included the following:
Speed of Site and Investigator Recruitment
Upfront Contingency Planning
Number of Investigator Responses
Number of Qualified Candidates/Patients
Turnaround Time
Cost/Fee for Service of CRO
Staying Within Designated Budget of Study
Staying Within the Designated Timeline of Study
Proper Communication With Sponsor for Quality Study
Ability to Meet Competitive Landscape of Study
Quality of Questions for Comprehensive Data Analysis
Analysis and Incorporation of Tools and Data from Multiple Studies, not Solely Relying on Feasibility Data
Introduction of New Tools and Technologies that have Improved the Trial and Your Experience as a Sponsor
Reporting of Study Progress and Milestones Reached
Reporting of Study Conclusion, Including Identifying Opportunities for Improvement
Addressing and Adjusting for Unexpected Changes Throughout the Study
Adhering to Specific Protocols/Guidelines for Study Quality
Additionally, respondents were also asked to identify the change in budgeting for CRO outsourcing over the last 5 years and the impact CROs have had on both profit and product output. Another highlight includes how the applications of CROs are expected to affect business strategies for increased efficiency in the future. Last, this survey also includes a detailed analysis of the results, further extrapolating information from the data to draw conclusive evidence of CROs and their impact on the R&D industry.
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