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European yarn and fabric fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16

European yarn and fabric fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16
  • Dec 14, 2014
  • 47 pages
  • Textiles Intelligence
In this report, Philippa Watkins provides an overview of the key European yarn and fabric fairs, discusses trading conditions and presents a detailed analysis of the key yarn and fabric trends for autumn/winter 2015/16. The atmosphere at the European yarn fairs was brisk, reflecting the strength of knitwear as a fashion item and the high quality and originality of the Italian yarn industry. The basic ingredients of collections for the season are fine wool, and the luxury fibres alpaca, cashmere and mohair. Of these, cashmere remains popular but alpaca is cheaper and has become more fashionable. Yarn colours for autumn/winter 2015/16 are light in tone, and based around natural wool or alpaca colours in whites and creams. Spinners are also offering blues in line with the popularity of denim and indigo. There was also a positive atmosphere at the European fabric fairs as buyers from around the world were attracted by the high quality craftsmanship, creativity and innovation of European fabric manufacturers. Première Vision remains the most important European fabric fair but smaller fairs are gaining in importance. Manufacturers are increasingly using environmentally friendly manufacturing and finishing techniques, including digital printing and plasma finishing to reduce water usage. Key fabric design trends include a traditional "heritage" aesthetic, richly textured pile fabrics, printed shirting fabrics and highly decorative silky fabrics. Also, many fabrics have a stiffness or body to them, allowing them to hold a shape.
Table of Contents
Pitti Immagine Filati
Fine wools and luxury fibres
Cottons for winter
Fibre developments
Trading conditions
Milano Unica
Munich Fabric Start
Première Vision
Rounded volume and relief
Outerwear: wools and tweeds
Pile fabrics: velvets and furs
Jersey fabrics
Silks and silky types: pattern and print
Shirting fabrics
List of Figures
Figure 1: Pitti Immagine Filati: knitted samples in the Spazio Ricerca
Figure 2: Pitti Immagine Filati: garments shown at Denim Italiano — Italian Denim Makers
Figure 3: Knitted sample in wool yarns from Millefili
Figure 4: Knitted samples in cashmere yarns from Loro Piana
Figure 5: Knitted fancy mohair yarns from Ilaria
Figure 6: Knitted bouclé mohair yarns from Filpucci
Figure 7: Knitted samples with metallic and printed yarns from Millefili
Figure 8: Knitted samples in mohair and wool yarns from Millefili
Figure 9: Knitted fine mohair and merino yarns from Filpucci
Figure 10: Knitted garment in fancy cotton blend yarns in fur effect from Filarc
Figure 11: Twisted cashmere yarns from Todd & Duncan
Figure 12: Tweed cashmere yarns from Todd & Duncan
Figure 13: Knitted alpaca yarns from Michell
Figure 14: Knitted Kimono from Lanificio Dell’Olivo
Figure 15: Knitted samples from Lanificio Dell’Olivo
Figure 16: Jacquard knitted samples in cotton and wool blends from Iafil
Figure 17: Llama fibre promoted by SIPPO: knitted samples
Figure 18: Llama fibre promoted by SIPPO: knitted glove
Figure 19: The Japan Observatory at Milano Unica
Figure 20: Reversible embossed scuba from Inseta
Figure 21: Reversible spacer fabric and laser cut fabric
Figure 22: British fabrics displayed at Première Vision
Figure 23: Faux fur fabric from Girmes
Figure 24: Jersey fabric from Dondi
Figure 25: Sequin embroidered design displayed at Première Vision
Figure 26: Jacquard with wool weft and lace design displayed at Première Vision
Figure 27: Printed velvet from Mantero
Figure 28: Silk honeycomb fabric from Mantero
Figure 29: Fabrics from Henry Bertrandn
Figure 30: Print designs in Ratti’s RCollection
Figure 31: Floral printed shirtings from Testa
Figure 32: Printed shirtings from Ratti
Figure 33: Landscape printed shirting design from Taiana
Figure 34: Flock printed denim shirting from Albiate
List of Tables
Table 1: Leading European yarn fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16 and spring/summer 2016
Table 2: Leading European fabric fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16 and spring/summer 2016
European yarn and fabric fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16
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