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India 4G Data Card Market, CY 1Q 2015

India 4G Data Card Market, CY 1Q 2015
  • Jun 01, 2015
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  • 6W Research
Rising demand for internet connectivity coupled with reduction in telecom tariffs has spurred the market for the 4G Data Card devices in India. Additionally, provision of LTE based data cards, primarily due to the recent implementation of 4G services in the country have further boosted the India 4G Data Card market.

According to 6Wresearch, India 4G Data Card market shipments value reached $3.5 million for CY 1Q 2015. The market registered a substantial triple digit growth of around 179% in CY 1Q 2015 over the same quarter previous year. Some of the key players in the India 4G Data Card market are ZTE, Huawei and Alcatel. During the first quarter of 2015, ZTE endured its market leadership in the India 4G Data Card market compared to 1Q 2014.

Key features of the report:
1. Total 4G Data Card shipment in India
2. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
3. Shipments by market players
4. Model wise shipments by each company
5. Price of each model
6. Specifications covering:
6.1 Company
6.2 Model No.
6.3 Hotspot Availability
6.4 Service Provider
6.6 Data Speed (Maximum)
6.7 Network (2G)
6.8 Network (2G Frequency)
6.9 Network (3G)
6.10 Network (3G Frequency)
6.11 Network (4G)
6.12 Network (4G Frequency)
6.14 3G
6.15 UMTS
6.16 HSDPA
6.17 DC-HSPA+
6.18 LTE
6.19 Type Of USB Connectivity
6.20 Chipset Company
6.21 Chipset Model No.
Table of Contents
1. India 4G Data Card Market
2. 4G Data Card By Price
3. 4G Data Card Market By Specifications:
3.1 Company
3.2 Model No.
3.3 Hotspot Availability
3.4 Service Provider
3.6 Data Speed (Maximum)
3.7 Network (2G)
3.8 Network (2G Frequency)
3.9 Network (3G)
3.10 Network (3G Frequency)
3.11 Network (4G)
3.12 Network (4G Frequency)
3.14 3G
3.15 UMTS
3.16 HSDPA
3.17 DC-HSPA+
3.18 LTE
3.19 Type Of USB Connectivity
3.20 Chipset Company
3.21 Chipset Model No.
4. Market Share Of the Companies
4.1 Overall Market Share
4.2 Market Share By Type of Camera
4.3 Market share By Specifications
5. Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)
5.1 Huawei
5.2 ZTE
5.3 Alcatel
6. Series Covered in this excel sheet: CY 1Q 2015 data
6.1 4G Data Card unit shipments by players
6.2 Type of Cameras
6.3 Model wise unit shipments
6.4 Price band
6.5 Specifications
List of Figures
List of Tables
Companies Covered
Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)
1. Huawei
2. ZTE
3. Alcatel