Men’s Grooming A Social Media Outlook

  •  2018 to 2023
  •  Region – Global

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Executive Summary

The global market for male grooming products is projected to reach $78.6 Bn by 2023. While shaving products and fragrances are among the major growth drivers, the strongest growth is in the largest category, male toiletries.

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Market Segments

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Global Players and Investments

Products: Skin care and hair care
products and 21
products with House 99
Brands: DIESEL, House 99, and Garnier

Marketing strategy and initiatives: Partnering with celebrities to create brand awareness with new looks

Partnership with Alibaba’s Tmall to focus on China grooming market

Partnered with David Beckham to launch House 99

L’Oréal experimented with a new marketing model to bring its Baxter men’s grooming brand to Europe. Baxter’s biggest campaign is a video series running with the tagline “Life Lived True”, which explores what modern masculinity means through the profiles of different “creatives” from Los Angeles

Collaborations with other companies, such as Levi’s or Bono’s Red charity, have also been a core pillar of Baxter’s growth in recent years, and it is planning to forge similar partnerships with European brands

Products: Shaving foams,
shaving handles and blades, trimmers, and aftershaves

Marketing strategy and initiatives: Procter & Gamble invests heavily in innovative advertisements for Braun and Gillette

Gillette’s tagline, “The Best a Man Can Get”, focuses on showcasing advanced shaving products

he company is majorly focused on its Gillette brand, and invests heavily in the R&D of men’s shaving products

rocter & Gamble rolled out a marketing campaign for new and upgraded Gillette razors that featured identical twins who play in the NFL and actor Justin Hartley of the hit TV show, This is Us

n an ad titled “Fans of Steel”, Lionel Messi and Roger Federer shaved in a locker room, with an array of Gillette razors. Each razor represented the top sport of a country.

Products: Skin care, hair care, shaving, and beard grooming products

Marketing strategy and initiatives: Coty is using Instagram platform for marketing Seb Man grooming products

Coty launched two men’s grooming lines—Seb Man and System Man. Seb Man grooming products are targeted at millennials and Generation Z, whereas System Man products' distinctiveness lies in offering a premium experience through customization

Coty has tapped three Instagram personalities globally to lead the Seb Man advertising campaign. Reflecting the diversity in nationalities and passions, the three ambassadors’ social media follower base varies, ranging from the 378,000 followers of Huxley to the 78,000 followers of Balmaceda

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