Did you know that artificial intelligence is building the car of the future? AI is redefining several industries and it appears to have had the same impact on the automotive industry as well. In this industry, the key areas of activity appear to be mainly in the development of innovative hardware and software stack for level 5 autonomy and intelligent ADAS systems.

At the height of its importance, companies are realizing why they need to know how to make use of AI; or how advanced algorithms and computational structures play a critical role in validation platforms, innovative testing, to build integrated cockpit solutions, and 5G networks. At the same time, they also need to get their hands on the best AI software and technology out there, their applications and how to deploy it correctly.

But how do they do this second part? As it turns out, AI is the top focus of a lot of acquisitions, mergers taking place in automotive. The strategy includes the acquisition of those companies that can help improve the AI skills, technologies, and relevant portfolios of manufacturers involved in automobiles.

The ultimate goal is to be the first to build intelligent platforms that can improve the whole in-vehicle experience and eventually improve the supply chains, automotive sales and marketing, insurance tools, vehicle ecommerce, and other applications.

Research On Global Markets has covered how this is taking place in their new report on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry - M&A Trend Analysis.

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How this report could benefit you

AI, computer software and technology is the future of business. This report was developed to bring to light how top companies are climbing up the technological ladder so that they can be relevant then. Our report contains a thorough analysis of the various mergers that have taken place, what was gained and what was lost.

Key Topics covered in this analytical report

- The report covers an analysis of sixty deals that have been made, with a special focus on the technology, purpose, and costs of each of these acquisitions.
- The M&A analysis also includes another section that covers transactions that span AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies.
- The kind of acquisitions one can find the market and that reflect the intricate requirements or need for the automotive sector to upgrade.
- Prominent deals made by companies like Intel, Analog Devices, Baidu, WPCS International, Verizon, Blackberry, Zurich Insurance and more.
- Addressing of certain concerns about adopting AI in the field of the automotive industry like key trends, business models used to acquire AI capabilities, the involvement of different acquirers, different AI technology capabilities acquired.
- Our key insights on this M&A analysis that includes a look at what is being acquired, which companies are the most sought after, what gains acquirers get after each merger and more.

Check out the Research on Global Markets report featured in this article:

Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry - M&A Trend Analysis
October 2019 | 104 Pages | SKU: 2018244

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