Research on Global Markets has announced the addition of a market research report titled “Artificial Intelligence Insight Series - Neuromorphic Chipsets” to their offering. The report includes an overview of the key players and active research projects in the domain. It also covers the various entities ranging from established semiconductor players and specialised neuromorphic solution providers to universities and research institutes.

The report also highlights the different parameters related to the implementation level, market readiness, future focus, etc. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the neuromorphic chipsets market and how it has been transforming various industries. It covers the industry adoption analysis of the neuromorphic chipsets in the automotive market, the IoT Ecosystem, Financial Services, Cybersecurity sector, the Space Industry and the Medical systems.

The research report published by Research on Global Market covers a patent analysis on the neuromorphic chipsets to understand the evolution of patent publications and countries of patent filings. The key assignees and technology domains shaping the neuromorphic IP landscape have also been covered to assess upcoming trends.

Neuromorphic chipsets are the laying foundation for achieving artificial intelligence (AGI) capabilities. Some of the key factors that have been helping neuromorphic chipsets to disrupt the industry are low power consumption, stochastic operation and pattern recognition. Leading players along with research institutes are making collaborative efforts to apply neuromorphic technology in real-world applications.

The patent analysis in the report also highlights an increased focus towards the development of autonomous systems, including initial investigations on electronic synapses for the implementation of reinforcement learning and other innovative architectures.

The future of AI hardware is expected to be defined by biologically-inspired neuromorphic chipsets which are expected to provide a real-time boost for AI systems. The report covers a detailed analysis of the state of commercialisation for neuromorphic chipsets and also focuses on the industries that would drive the adoption of neuromorphic hardware. It contains a detailed report on the patent analysis of the top assignees aligned in terms of various technology areas of interest including neurons, synapses, interconnects, memory, edge devices, etc.

Key insights of the Report:

- This report includes an introduction to the architecture and also discusses its properties in details. It focuses on the implementation of neural algorithms on hardware.
- It further covers the key features enabling the industry-wide adoption of neuromorphic transmitters and outlines how it has been transforming the AI landscape.
- The report provides detailed information on the adoption of neuromorphic chipsets in various industries across the market.
- Additionally, it includes the R&D in the neuromorphic hardware domain and provides with research on the key players in the market and the increased interest in emerging entities.
- The research report records an overview of the patenting activities and the top technology domains in the market.
- It focuses on the main areas of technology domains and lists the emerging players and top universities.

The report has been designed to help businesses get a concise idea regarding the growing adoption of the neuromorphic chipsets in various sectors all over the world, develop business strategies, analyse the growth factors and the challenges in the market to enable them to identify the competition and take calculated risks that might be beneficial for the business.

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Artificial Intelligence Insight Series - Neuromorphic Chipsets
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