According to a new Research on Global Markets report, China is expected to become a world leader in 5G and through innovation and technological advancement, has made significant progress in the digital space. China is all set to become one of the first 5G- ready market in the world by 2019. China’s preparation for 5G roll-out is strongly supported by the Chinese government, along with proactive telecom equipment manufacturers who have generously invested in patent development- related projects and 5G research. China has announced 5G as a priority, stating it as a ‘key technology’ under its 13th Five-Year Plan.

According to the report, China is leaving no stone unturned to become the world leader in 5G technologies, which poses a major threat to the progress of western telecommunications and raises major security concerns for western governments. The US government is trying to hinder the progress of the China 5G market by stopping the Chinese telecommunications makers from competing in the U.S citing national security concerns. They depend on their allies such as Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand to do the same.

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China 5G Market (2018-2025)
December 2018 | 70-90 Pages | SKU: 201834

Policies and initiatives such as Made in China 2025, 13th Five-Year Plan, National Science, and Technology Major Project, and National 863 Program are designed to support 5G growth and commercialization by 2020. With the help of government policies and initiatives, the number of Chinese 5G cellular connections is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 155%. As per 2025, the china 5g market will account for 3.2% of China’s entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP). China’s 5G SIM M2M is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 84%. 5G technology is poised to change the way the world operates on a daily basis.

5G in China will bring in several features, such as an increase in speed and broadband of wireless networks up to 100 times faster than the 4G network. It will aid massive device connectivity, low latency communication, and enhanced capacity.  It will act as the pillar of support for many Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), telesurgery, smart cities, smart farming, and virtual reality.

Key highlights of this report:

1. Market overview- key market observations, forecasted market size (2018-2025) (USD Bn)

2. Comprehensive analysis of the key market drivers and challenges.

3. Analysis of the China 5G market based on SIM cellular connections- forecasted (2018-2025) market size (USD Bn), and key market observations.

4. Analysis of the China 5G market based on SIM M2M cellular connections- forecasted (2018-2025) market size (USD Bn), and key market observations.

5. Analysis of the China 5G market based on applications ( Internet of Things, Robotics and automation, Virtual Reality, and others) - forecasted (2018-2023) market size (USD Bn), and key market observations

6. Analysis of the competitive landscape and profiles of the major players operating in the market

7. The road ahead- Impact of 5G on media companies, connected device makers, network operators, and network suppliers.

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