According to a new Netscribes report published by Research on Global Markets, the global 3D cell culture market is expected to have a significant compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.2% and reach a market size of USD 5.33 Bn by 2023.

3D cell culture is expected to impact multiple industries like biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, contract research laboratories, and academic institutes. One of the significant applications of 3D cell culture is in the cancer research segment since it closely resembles a three-dimensional morphology, which is generally observed in vivo for cancer cells. The limitations of 2D cell culture models have led to the adoption of the 3D cell culture.

Compared to the 2D technique, 3D cell culture allows the cell to develop in a 3D surrounding, resembling the typical organ microarchitecture. However, despite its advantages over 2D, the main challenge is that 3D cell culture is a comparatively new technique, and researchers have are yet to grasp its intricacies properly, along with the method’s implications.

Key highlights of this report:

  • Trends in the global 3D cell culture market
  • Qualitative analysis of the drivers and challenges affecting the market and its segments
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape and profiles of major players operating in the market
  • Historical, current and forecasted regional market size data for the global 3D cell culture industry

This report has been formulated and designed with the purpose of giving businesses a concise understanding of the demand for 3D cell culture across the world to determine the viability of the market, develop strategies based on the drivers, and help brands identify competition and respond accordingly.

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