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Affordable, comprehensive data is the key driver of the global cybersecurity market

Nov 08, 2019

A critical lifeline that businesses require in a digital age is data. This is what they use to build new products, services, understand market dynamics and plan out their next strategies. Could you imagine what would happen if this one building block wasn’t secured? Cybersecurity is the solution that companies have to keep everything intact and the growth experienced by the Global Cybersecurity Market is attributed to the data products they apply to fulfill that end.

Cloud computing is one new trend that some of the biggest enterprises are interested in. It has a lot to do with the applications that it’s got and how easily it can be integrated with more systems. With this one product offering, they benefit from long term results like flexible resource utilization, easy configurations of systems and servers, adjust storage capacities, enhance computing power or connected databases and even add on more software applications if they like. In addition, they also need to search for solutions that can support the growing number of mobile devices being used for business, or for accessing corporate information from devices.

This kind of adaptation, ease of use has made cloud computing technology very popular. It has also developed a sense of trust in what the other cybersecurity measures can do. The other reason for them to be on the lookout for the next best security measure is how advanced hacking has become, and that even big names like Yahoo and Amazon aren’t safe from it.

On another level, the individuals that make up the consumer bases of the retail, BFSI, healthcare industries aren’t safe from smaller issues like malware and phishing threats. This is driving most of the players to look for a way to protect their consumer’s data.

This market has to handle the demands that organizations put forward concerning budget limitations, and that very few of them understand how the security of data works. It might seem like these factors place restrictions on the market, but in fact, encourage players to be more innovative when it comes to developing technologies, solutions they offer and how they’re implemented.

Based on new trends built on these demands from SMEs and enterprises, one can find technology like UTM (Unified Threat Management), IAM (Identity & Access Management), control of social media channels via cloud-based platforms, just to name a few.

This research report has been developed by Research On Global Markets and can be found on their site. One can find other reports on industry verticals and emerging markets on this same platform too.

The report contains a detailed idea of what this industry is like at the moment, and a look at how its growth across several regions is influenced by many factors comprising of devices in use, software being developed, advancements made in hacking and other data theft methods.

Key Topics covered in this analytical report

- This report has been made with data acquired from some of the top names in cybersecurity like Symantec Corporation, Check Point Technology Ltd., Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, FireEye, Trend Micro Inc., Proofpoint Corp., KPMG, IBM Corp.
- A study of regional insights and which country records the strongest numbers in terms of cybersecurity product adoption, technological innovations, government, and military initiatives underway.
- Insights on various segments in this market and every type of end-user that it reaches, along with the micro and macro environmental causes that impact how this segmentation works out.

Check out the Research on Global Markets report featured in this article:

Global Cybersecurity Market (2017-2022)
February 2019 | 90-100 Pages | SKU: 201873

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