Research On Global Markets has launched a new report on the Global Garments Market that describes how and why the market is expected to generate revenue that is well over USD 1910.7 Bn by 2023.

It has to do with the consumers who want good, high-end clothing whenever they require it. Lots of online and offline stores are being built just to fit this instant gratification attitude that now appears to be part of the consumer behaviour.

This is happening in other regions around the globe, other than the US that happened to be the biggest apparel market in 2017. It is still the leader, and most North American manufacturers have even re-shored their manufacturing processes so that they can sustain production and provide better, cheaper clothing and apparel faster to their domestic consumers.

A lot of opportunities await them in other regions too, and they have set up production facilities in those respective regions so that they can do the same for their consumers there. At the same time, they appear to be following new clothing trends too as observed in several countries that they operate in.

One is the growing trend of athleisure apparel and the use of recyclable fibers overs the nylons and plastics that are typically used. These particular trends are predominant in the US, and among younger consumers. On the other hand, the sportswear and swimwear trends that were big in the US are now growing in other regions as well.

A switch in fashion trends and the emergence of new ones are pushing manufacturers and mega-clothing retail brands to change their marketing and distribution patterns, and that even includes installing new manufacturing facilities that ensure faster deliveries with provisions for customizations.

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How this report could benefit you

The purpose of this report is to show the validity of our conclusions after studying this market and to give you a better idea of what it is like. Included in it, is a description of various aspects found inside this market.

Key Topics covered in this analytical report

- An overview of the global garments market, both historical and forecasted, current market size and geography-wise market revenue that make this industry attractive.
- A historical and forecasted segmentation of this market based on distribution channels, product types, and consumer demands.
- An assessment of the market in each geographical region and segmentations as found inside them.
- A competitive landscape that includes players like Gap Inc., H&M, Inditex, Kering, L Brands, LVMH, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Burton.

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Global Garments Market (2018-2023)
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