Getting up to speed and delivering a growing number of packages, at an even faster rate is what the Global Logistics Automation Market is concerned about. Automation looks like the only solution for resolving issues, challenges created via changing consumer needs and an increase in the type of product categories amidst the constraints of existing supply chain practices.

If fully automated, even if it’s just the integration of advanced software, logistics can cater to all of these demands and resolve the challenges as well. The need to stay competitive and improve operational efficiency are adding to the CAGR of 12.6% and will eventually take this industry to a value of USD 100.1 Bn by 2023.

New hardware like automated conveyor systems, lift trucks, automated racks, and robotic picking appears to be popular as they suit the kind of activities that logistics companies do, but they are still costly and most of these companies are deterred by the capital expenditure. Software is a better alternative though, as it can easily be integrated with existing data sets, and systems.

So it is this segment that is expected to boom as this industry moves along, but we are likely to see more third-party logistics automation service providers come as well, as this option of affordable and mitigates the need for heavy expenditure.

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Key Topics covered in this analytical report

- An understanding of how automation can resolve critical challenges faced by or gaps created in the logistics processes flow.
- An overview of how this market has been segmented according to the popular components, end-users, and key manufacturers.
- The market share of each segment and growth rate in the forecast period.
- Factors that are driving logistics to consider automation such as the e-commerce industry, expectations regarding swifter deliveries, and intense competition among market players.
- Insights on how each of these factors is playing out in each region especially those that have mature markets that dominate the global logistics automation sector and the industry at large.
- A study of the main players involved in logistics and automation such as ABB, Toyota Industrial Equipment, KION, Jungheinrich, KUKA, Daifuku, Murata Machinery, Beumer Group, KNAPP, System Logistics.

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