A Comprehensive Analysis of the Global SoC IoT Innovation Trends

Mar 27, 2019

Research On Global Markets has added a new technology trends report titled “Global SoC-IoT Innovation Trends” to its offerings. According to the latest report, system-on-chip (SoC) is the most potent solution for overcoming the limitations faced by the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. The report also highlights the impact of the semiconductor industry in the IoT segment with special focus on the recent trends in the SoC architecture.

The report has rightly pointed out the scope of SoC as an emerging technology that can revolutionize the concepts of IoT as a means of digitization and automation. IoT currently has a wide range of applications that includes smart buildings, smart grids, smart healthcare, smart homes, and smart agriculture practices. While an IoT application may seem simple, the reality can be quite different considering the diverse possibilities associated with it. Connectivity lies in the core of any IoT implementation. Contemporary short-range connectivity solutions include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC.

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Global SOC IoT Innovation Trends
February 2019 | 90-100 Pages | SKU: 201870

But the challenge of connecting IoT-enabled hardware remains a pressing problem in the AI space. As a solution, machine learning-optimized SoCs & FPGAs are being adopted. To substantiate this finding, an IC insights report has pointed out an 18% growth in the IoT edge semiconductor market in 2016.

According to the global SoC-IoT innovation trends, wireless connectivity can be accomplished through a combination of solutions, networks, standards and protocols. Configurable semiconductor IP is a major driver for varied SoC requirements with maximum performance and multiple use cases. Power management or power supply reduction is considered as the most important aspect in SoC-IoT realization. In fact, SoC is considered suitable for IoT devices because of its ability to provide power efficiency. Various tech giants have adopted integrated SoC to reduce power consumption:

  • Sony’s Xperia™ Ear Duo based on CXD5602 chip is driven by SPRESENSE™ that is built on FD-SOI technology
  • Huawei has implemented Ambiq Micro’s sub-threshold power technology platform in its product line Huawei Band Pro 2, which is a fitness wearable device

Due to these global SoC-IoT innovation trends, key market players like Ambiq Micro, PLSense, Wiliot, PsiKick, Crossbar, The Ferroelectric Memory Company (FMC), Baum, GreenWaves Technologies, SiFive, Ineda Systems, Eta Compute, Morse Micro are investing in applications that are leveraging the advantages of SoC-IoT.

Key highlights of the report:

  1. Opportunities for semiconductor industry with advancements in IoT
  2. Silicon implementation for IoT Devices
  3. Major drivers, challenges and design requirements related to SoC-IoT implementation
  4. Important trends in the adoption of SoC-IoT techniques for future integration
  5. Current industries that can be considered as potential targets for the SoC-IoT market
  6. Major opportunities and restraints for the industry players in the SoC-IoT ecosystem
  7. New trends in the SoC-IoT space
  8. SoC-IoT design requirements – (Analog integration and IP-Reuse, ASIC capability, Complex clock, and Verification)
  9. Vital acquisition trends in the SoC-IoT domain

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