Edge computing is being seen as the next-generation in the cloud computing space, which could even reduce the cloud’s role in connected environments. In this respect, the future could be filled with smarter and faster autonomous solutions and could change the IoT as we know it today.

That is what this new report on the IoT Insight Series - Edge Computing M&A Analysis is all about. Available now on the Research On Global Markets website, it takes a look at how most of the mergers and acquisitions occurring in the edge computing space have been mostly for IoT services. It’s also been for cloud, edge, and hybrid architectures, just so they can take the lead in the race to achieve the top spot.

This report studies sixty of these mergers and acquisitions to show how business models are being changed so that companies can get a hold of the best of edge computing capabilities. In time, this will help them to build flexible hybrid networks, advanced software-defined architectures so that they can take advantage of AI and neuromorphic computing and that can deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions.

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How this report could benefit you

This report is the most updated description and analysis of how and why IP acquisition is seen as an important key strategy that IT technology companies have. We have also shown how they use it to drive innovation in the edge computing space and develop the best in class next-generation solutions.

The report can give you a good idea of how these patent capabilities, as acquired in these sixty deals, have changed the concept of how IP value is created.

Key Topics covered in this analytical report

- A look at the key trends and drivers of edge computing in the IoT ecosystems, how acquisition trends have changed, the preferred strategic acquisitions route and the future untapped technology areas that are under focus.
- Prominent deals made by companies like Veea – Virtuosys, American Tower – ColoATL, Compass Data centers, VmWare, Intel, HPE, Apple, Wave Computing
- The report covers an analysis of sixty deals that have been made, with a special focus on the purposes, and costs behind each of these acquisitions like data center, AI, security, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), analytics, interoperability, multi-access edge computing (MEC), and others.
- Reasons why certain target companies had been acquired such as edge computing pioneering capability, patent capabilities, IP value creation and more.
- Our key insights on this M&A analysis that includes a look at why certain applications are valued more, how they’re expected to contribute to developing software intelligence and secure edge solutions.
- A look at the top IP portfolio characteristics and the acquired patent capabilities such as instruction set architectures, microprocessors, semiconductor AI capabilities.

Check out the Research on Global Markets report featured in this article:

IoT Insight Series - Edge Computing M&A Analysis
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