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New Reinforcement Learning - Startup Ecosystem Analysis report describe growing trend in the demand for this technology.

Oct 16, 2019

Research On Global Markets has published its new report on the Reinforcement Learning - Startup Ecosystem Analysis on their self-titled platform. Based on the data uncovered, this is the next step in the world of artificial intelligence. As one already knows AI is an agent-based learning technology that grows or learns according to the feedback it receives.

In reinforcement learning, this capability is increased, owing to its multi-agent and self-learning abilities that it has giving it the potential to do things that other AI technologies can’t, even handling multiple tasks at a time.

Imagine the kind of possibilities this holds for the industry. Reinforcement learning is now viewed as the answer to resolving common issues concerned with multi-tasking in intelligent applications as they are used in various places. According to this analytical report, many companies have understood how useful this could be and are eager to adopt AGI technologies, even going so far as to prepare themselves with the right strategies that will help them leverage reinforcement learning as best as possible.

For this report, 39 startups were studied closely and include well-known names like Osaro, Kindred, Micropsi Industries, Wayve, Cerebri AI, and OpenAI; and how they are applying RL to improve business in sectors such as automotive, retail, industrial, financial services, robotics, healthcare, IoT, food industry, and others. Also included are the technologies, offerings, patenting activities that they have and what kind of future this holds for them.

The report also has a section on the comparison of machine learning techniques, overviews of imitation learning, AGI, and model-based and model-free reinforcement learning algorithms.

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How this report could benefit you

This report was developed to give all concerned a thorough understanding of how reinforcement learning is being applied in start-ups. One can refer to it when building strategies, determining the viability of technologies used or the market at large. It comprises of an analysis of start-ups that using Reinforcement learning now, even in its primitive form.

Key Topics covered in this analytical report

- A competitive analysis of top players and thorough tracking of their performance in the market
- An analysis of the start-up ecosystem and the more prominent players inside it.
- A more defined explanation of Artificial General Intelligence, Imitation LearningModel-based and Model-free Methods and a host of other acronyms, terminology as used in this industry.
- Insights and recommendations as suggested by our own research analysts based on the data they have found.
- A look at how Reinforcement Learning is being applied to and benefits various industries.
- A look at how some of the more successful applications of Reinforcement Learning, especially in the gaming environments.

Check out the Research on Global Markets report featured in this article:

Reinforcement Learning - Startup Ecosystem Analysis
September 2019 | 76 Pages | SKU: 2018241

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