A new report published by Research on Global Markets titled "Blockchain: Adoption In Healthcare Industry" studies the performance of the Blockchain technology in the healthcare sector. This report includes a comprehensive analysis of the adoption of Blockchain technology in the healthcare industry, and highlights the major trends and opportunities across the ecosystem.

Until recently, Blockchain technology was popular primarily for the role it played in transforming the digital currency sector, with Bitcoin being the game-changer in this regard. However, the possibilities of the core Blockchain technology are limitless. It is capable of, and has been causing a significant amount of disruption in industries across the world, especially the healthcare sector, a primary focus area at this point of time. Digital transformations and technological advancements in every business segment of the healthcare sector is a notable trend. The healthcare industry, however, comes with its set of challenges – lack of interoperability and limited linkage between healthcare storage systems are major concerns as far as management of medical data is concerned. Hence, Blockchain technology is increasingly being touted as the solution for interoperability and security issues that plague traditional healthcare systems. 

The report published by Research On Global Market highlights the segments of the healthcare industry from the perspective of Blockchain technology, including its structure and ecosystem, foundational elements, types of Blockchain and their uses, and a detailed analysis of the impact of this technology on the healthcare industry. The report also provides a detailed analysis of the various use cases and applications of Blockchain in healthcare, its benefits, implementation challenges, and the expected timeline for its adoption in healthcare. Moreover, it also throws light on the future business models and opportunities from the adoption of Blockchain.

The report includes a list of the top innovators and disruptors that are making their mark in the industry. Some of the top companies that are focused on healthcare services through Blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions - including asset management, contract management, bills and claims management, medical and health records, medication and treatment adherence, clinical trial records, etc. - have been profiled in detail in this section of the report.

Some of the companies included and profiled in the report are Change Healthcare, IBM, Accenture, TraceLink, SAP, Oracle, MedicalChain, Nebula Genomics, Hashed Health, Doc.ai, etc.

Key highlights of the report:

  • Blockchain technology and how it works
  • What Blockchain technology could do for the healthcare ecosystem and how
  • What Blockchain technology means for key healthcare industry application segments
  • Major constraints with regard to the adoption of Blockchain technology in the healthcare industry
  • Key enablers of Blockchain technology in the healthcare industry
  • Analysis of the Blockchain start-ups expected to disrupt the healthcare industry

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Blockchain: Adoption in Healthcare Industry
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