Research On Global Markets has announced the addition of a market research report titled “Competitive Benchmarking Of Mobile Gaming Companies” to their offering. Competitive benchmarking typically helps portray a picture of the global companies with respect to how they are placed in the market. The process also helps identify the best practices for companies in their bid to remain competitive, by tracking the performance and activities of competitors in the industry.

For conducting a competitive benchmarking on mobile gaming companies, Research On Global Markets chose companies based on a plethora of parameters, such as financial strengths, intensity in their business activities in the market, the innovations that they are invested on, the mergers and acquisitions that they made in the recent years, amongst others. The global market research company also took into consideration the leading global companies that were relatively small compared to the others but are driving the market with products and innovation.

The research report published by Research On Global Markets is aimed at providing brands an edge by indicating what and where other companies are focussing more on. It enables them to understand the overall conduct of potential mobile gaming companies in the market. The benchmarking also provides an understanding about the operational efficiency of the entities. Relatively smaller yet growing companies can track how leaders in gaming industry are performing in the market. Companies can choose to trace their investments, organic and inorganic growth strategies, and innovations the competitors are actively pursuing.

Business benefits of the report:

  • With the benchmarking report, brands can be well versed about the leaders, challengers, innovators, and niche players
  • Be informed about the prospective competitors gaining edge and progressing rapidly
  • Understand the customer preferences towards different competitors and their products
  • Apprehend the kind of brand image that the mobile gaming companies have in the market
  • How different companies are emphasizing on the R&D and innovation
  • Which competitors are approaching expansion and product development, and where does the priority lie
  • Companies can fine-tune business efforts and form new market strategies based on the evaluation
  • The benchmark can also act as the early indicator of which companies are best suited for investments, prospecting, and strategic alliance

Research On Global Markets has taken into consideration companies like Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, NetEase, Inc., Netmarble, Take-Two Interactive, Tencent, Ubisoft, and Zynga for conducting the analysis. The companies’ global presence, their marketing and positioning strategies, their sales strategies were also considered while evaluation and scoring the companies. 

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