Research On Global Markets has announced the addition of a technology trends report titled “Technology Trends In Surgical Robotic Products” to their offering. The report features a comprehensive analysis of the technology adoption trends in the global surgical robotics market and the contribution of the key players of the market in the evolution of robotic surgery. The special report aims to help identify the spectrum of new surgical robotic systems, developed by both medical device companies and robotic laboratories, which is changing the current paradigm and creating a more competitive market.

The main purpose of the technology trends report published by Research On Global Markets is to help understand the most adopted technologies and the technology focus of the key surgical robotics manufacturers. The special report also gives an understanding of the various clinical utilities of the commercialized systems and the impact of new entrants in the further evolution of surgical procedures.

The report is also deemed to be beneficial for the new entrants, as well as relatively smaller yet growing companies as it helps track how the prominent players of the global surgical robotics market are strategizing, to expand clinical utilities of their proprietary systems. Companies can choose to trace the most adopted technologies and the emerging technologies to get a competitive edge and align the strategic plans in-line with the technology trends.

Business benefits of the report:

- Be cognizant of the technologies in different phases like innovation, early adoption, disillusionment, lift off to mass adoption, and sustainable growth
- Be informed about the prospective competitors gaining an edge and progressing rapidly through technological advancement
- Understand the preferences of healthcare professionals towards different cutting-edge technologies and advanced features
- How different manufacturers are emphasizing on the R&D and new product development
- Which competitors are approaching the expansion of clinical applications and product development, and where does the priority lie
- Companies can fine-tune business efforts and further technological progression based on the evaluation
- The report also acts as an indicator to decide on best-suited companies for investments, prospecting, and strategic alliance

Research On Global Markets has taken into consideration companies like Intuitive Surgical Inc., Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc., Accuray Incorporated, Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc., TransEnterix, Inc., Stereotaxis, Inc., Titan Medical Inc., Restoration Robotics, Medtronic plc, Stryker Corporation, Renishaw plc, KUKA AG, THINK Surgical, Inc., Synaptive Medical, Medrobotics Corporation, Auris Health, Inc., SRI International, CMR Surgical Ltd, Applied Dexterity, and Meere Company for conducting the analysis.

The 20 players of the global surgical robotics market were screened on the basis of the revenue, global presence, product capability and differentiation, clinical applications, and inorganic and organic growth strategies. The product portfolio, clinical application, and technology adoption were mapped for all enlisted companies. The seven potential technologies were chosen on the basis of their commercial viability, and adoption by both the manufacturers and end-users. Quantitative and qualitative data for each technology was gathered from secondary sources and used to draw a conclusive and insightful analysis pertaining to the technology trends in the global surgical robotics market.

Check out the Research on Global Markets report featured in this article:

Technology Trends in Surgical Robotic Products
July 2019 | 49 Pages | SKU: 2018230

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