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Global healthcare industry finance outlook

The global healthcare industry is at the brink of a huge breakthrough and is forecasted to touch USD 3 trillion by the end of 2015.

Chocolate cravings may soon cost you a fortune!

Nowadays, rarely does a week go by when we panic about a future situation of food shortage that will threaten one of life’s cherished luxuries such as wine, goats’ cheese, almonds, and now chocolates!

The evolving nature of Thailand’s ICT sector in 2014

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Thailand has been undergoing significant changes after having been stagnated for the last few years owing to outdated regulations and low market penetration.

Strong tourism prospects are expected to spur expansion of the hotel sector of Thailand

Being one of the most favored travel locations across the world, the travel and tourism sector of Thailand, contributes significantly to help sustain the economy of the country.

Renewable energy sources to help resolve electricity crises in South Africa

According to the World Economic Forum’s data on the competitiveness index on Africa, the South African renewable energy sector is expecting an exponential growth that is likely to abbreviate the electricity crisis faced by the country. 

Brazil – The new oil and gas power of the future

It was the 2007 pre-salt discovery that actually put Brazil at the forefront of global oil industry. With a few years of sluggish growth in between, 2013 proved to be a year of turn-around for the domestic

The IT services market of South Africa is characterized by intense competition

South Africa’s IT landscape has been changing dynamically over the past few years, with cloud based services and BPOs speculated to dominate the sector, in 2014.