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Global health consciousness acts as a catalyst for growth the functional food market

Functional food or medicinal food is any healthy food that delivers health promoting or disease preventing function of providing nutrients.

Demand of organic dairy products increases as people demand healthier food

The term ‘dairy farm’ is known to evoke a bucolic image of cows that graze peacefully on acres and acres of green pasture. However, the reality is far from this image, especially in the current world scenario

Retailers taking advantage of the gluten free dietary demands

The latest catchphrase in the diet world these days is ‘gluten free’. For some health and fitness enthusiasts going gluten free is the norm because many consider it the simplest way to lose fat and become healthier.

Are pleasure food taking over the food market?

With globally evolving consumption patterns we have fast moved to a lifestyle where consumers are no longer restricted to a gamut of choices, depending on local availability.

Packaging industry thrives on innovation

Valued at approximately USD 400 billion and estimated around USD 500 billion after including the end markets, the packaging industry sales are expected to increase exponentially owing to the growing demand for sophisticated packaging spurred by the

Chocolate cravings may soon cost you a fortune!

Nowadays, rarely does a week go by when we panic about a future situation of food shortage that will threaten one of life’s cherished luxuries such as wine, goats’ cheese, almonds, and now chocolates!

The land of exotic but budget-friendly adventures for your senses – Mexico!

Home to some of the most revered ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and the Mayas, Mexico is a vast country that boasts of a rich cultural heritage that attracts a huge tourist population each year.

Colombia hopes to make the most of FIFA World Cup 2014

As trends indicate, any national team scheduled to partake in a major sporting event significantly affects the country’s economy.

Health consciousness fosters growth in Chilean snacks market

Flanked by the Andes Mountains from the north to the south and the Chilean Coastal Range along the coastal perimeter, the country of Chile is blessed with excellent natural conditions that have spurred significant growth in agro-industrial

Discovering Turkey’s mesmerizing adornments through travel

There are certain groups of people who look for places that are less trodden upon to discover the hidden pleasures of travelling. While most tourists concentrate on Europe and South East Asia, those that prefer offbeat locations,