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Emerging Economies: What are people spending money on?

A huge wave of urbanization is driving growth in emerging markets globally. This fast spreading urbanization has brought about a different surge of buying trends among consumers of such countries over the years.

Supply chain management evolves with technology

Shaped by international competition, supply chain management (SCM) is growing and rapidly evolving. However, only once SCM personnel are familiar with computer technology, quantitative methods, and planning and problem-solving technique scan resources like people, machinery, facilities, material,

Changing Landscape of China’s Food and Beverage Market

China, which was once known for its diet – one that was considered one of the world’s healthiest consisting of vegetables, rice, noodles, and small portions of meat is evolving rapidly in terms of its food choices.

China focuses on becoming the world leader in Clean Energy

China has been the world’s biggest renewable energy market by cumulative installed capacity, ever since 2011. Having recognized energy as one of the key sectors, in the recent years China has further accelerated its efforts to further

The Traditional Medical Dressing Market to Sustain in China

Of all the emerging healthcare markets, China prospects a huge growth opportunity, in the forthcoming years. With its significantly large base of under-served patients, China remains the world’s most populous economy.

China plans to become the second largest pharmaceutical market

The Chinese healthcare market has been growing at an exponential rate and is very soon poised to overtake Japan as the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical market, after the United States.

China’s booming smartphone market makes way for new entrants

The booming smartphone market in China has brought to the forefront, a number of game-changing smaller players. Several indigenous Chinese ventures are now all set to provide telecom services at reduced prices and promote high-speed network capacities.