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Indonesian sports drinks manufacturers marketing sports drinks as a health drink alternative

As consumers become more aware of and concerned regarding health risks and obesity, the sports drinks market is expected to continue growing.

Increased urbanization and industrialization fuel demand in heat exchanger sector

Increased demand from developing economies and rising industrial growth will be fuelling the growth of heat exchanger equipment market during the coming five years.

A brief overview of the global baby oil market

Baby oil is used for massaging babies, which stimulates the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin and helps in relaxing them.

Now, soundbars for those who love their audio effects

A soundbar is a sleek, thin and modern styled audio system that is located directly below the flat panel TV. It helps in improving the audio experience significantly without creating the complexities of setting up entire home

Sector Updates: Automotive and Transport

Globally, the automotive industry has been witnessing steady growth over the past couple of years. According to industry experts, the sale of passenger cars is expected to reach 72.2 million in 2014.

Sector Updates: Healthcare

Globally, the healthcare industry has been witnessing steady growth over the last couple of years. According to market analysts, globally it will reach a value of USD 3 trillion by 2015.

Sector Updates: Public Sector

Public sector is the segment of economy that is concerned with providing government jobs. In the recent past, public sector has been going through a rough phase.

Sector Updates: IT, Telecom and Electronics

IT and Telecommunication sector has been growing quite steadily in the past couple of years. Globally, the telecommunications industry will be about a USD 5.4 trillion sector in 2014, up from USD 5 trillion for the previous

Sector Updates: Services Sector

Services sector, or the tertiary sector of the industry, has been going through a lean patch all around the globe. The recent bouts of recession seem to have been particularly unkind to the services sector.

Sector Updates: Food and Beverage

Food and beverages industry seems to have hit a purple patch in the recent years. All around the globe, there has been an increase in demand for various items of food and a large varieties of beverages.