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Connected consumers: customer is king, once again

A lot has changed in the last decade. The one field where the impact of these changes have been felt the most is communication. Advancements in the field of technology and communication have changed our perception and

Living in a smarter world

Today’s technologically savvy world has greatly enabled and encouraged the rise and growth of ‘globalization’, available to the masses in various forms like the Internet, Smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, iPads, iPods, digital camera and much more!

Is Kenya the next Africa’s powerhouse?

Even though Kenya has always been a prospective economy in east and central Africa, various conflicts with the neighboring Somalia had been one of the major causes for its stunted growth until recently.

Increased spending of the healthcare sector affects its associate markets

The global healthcare system is still by and large unsustainable. Three interlocking challenges faced by this industry - rising costs, quality of healthcare and changing demographics are taking a huge toll on the industry as it stands

The land of exotic but budget-friendly adventures for your senses – Mexico!

Home to some of the most revered ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and the Mayas, Mexico is a vast country that boasts of a rich cultural heritage that attracts a huge tourist population each year.

Does the biometric passport draw a thin line between intimacy and supervision?

The term ‘biometric’ refers to the automatic verification of any person’s identity through the recognition of a set of uniquely distinguishable traits or characteristics such as body shape and voice, among others - facial and fingerprint recognition,

Colombia hopes to make the most of FIFA World Cup 2014

As trends indicate, any national team scheduled to partake in a major sporting event significantly affects the country’s economy.

The business of Social Media

The increasing penetration of social media in our daily lives presents an interesting predicament with its ability to blur the lines between personal and public.

Discovering Turkey’s mesmerizing adornments through travel

There are certain groups of people who look for places that are less trodden upon to discover the hidden pleasures of travelling. While most tourists concentrate on Europe and South East Asia, those that prefer offbeat locations,

Mexico’s tourism sector suffers due to drug cartels

The tourism sector in the country is one of Mexico’s prime attractions, with its extravagant ocean-side resorts and Mayan ruins, despite the ongoing violence of the drug cartels.