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Demand for specialized jobs grow with advanced markets

As the global markets progress towards greater economic growth this year, industry experts have observed a marked increase in the demand for various segments of specialized jobs throughout the globe!

Global construction market - sector overview

The global construction industry has been witnessing a number of changes in the past few years. Being a robust industry where minor changes in the regulations and procedures can affect the construction market as a whole, the

Indian construction bubble thriving despite high prices

The Indian real estate market has been a subject of endless analysis among market experts and analysts alike – an interesting facet of the Indian real estate market being that it defies the normal demand supply mechanism

Is Kenya the next Africa’s powerhouse?

Even though Kenya has always been a prospective economy in east and central Africa, various conflicts with the neighboring Somalia had been one of the major causes for its stunted growth until recently.

Packaging industry thrives on innovation

Valued at approximately USD 400 billion and estimated around USD 500 billion after including the end markets, the packaging industry sales are expected to increase exponentially owing to the growing demand for sophisticated packaging spurred by the