Global Market Research Report and Analysis Archive

Cash Cropping methods go through significant transitions

With the primary sector raking in handsome revenues for the country, some of the developing countries tend to focus more on cash crops with export value, especially after trade liberalizations, rather than favoring production of food crops for

Nuclear energy is set to power the future

With the United Nations predicting world population growth from 6.7 billion in 2011 to 8.7 billion by 2035, demand for energy will increase substantially in the period.

Supply chain management evolves with technology

Shaped by international competition, supply chain management (SCM) is growing and rapidly evolving. However, only once SCM personnel are familiar with computer technology, quantitative methods, and planning and problem-solving technique scan resources like people, machinery, facilities, material,

New treatments in dentistry

Patients today are increasingly taking more responsibility of their own health care. They are more well-read, educated by previous health-care experiences, and are thus more informed before taking any decisions about their chosen practitioners and treatment methods.

Animation continues to use latest technology to create “magic” on screen

Technology’s growth and advancements have facilitated development of animation. Technology has evolved from the early phenakistoscope disk (spindle viewer) or flipbook to the invention of zoetrope and current creations of graphic animation.

Technology revamps educational sector

Factors revolutionizing the education sector The three forces that have revolutionized the way education is being imparted today are the rising costs, changing labor market and disruptive technologies resulting in reinvention of the sector.

Energy crunch driving investments in renewable energy

The escalating power crunch is threatening the growth of industries across the globe. In these circumstances, when traditional fuels no longer prove efficient, renewable sources of energy are being adopted across industries. 

Global market for anti-aging products to be worth USD 191.7 billion by 2019, focus on green products

Women around the world are increasingly feeling the need to continue looking young even as they age. The popularity of anti-aging products, consequently, is on the rise.

Risky times may be ahead for global real estate market

The property markets have been growing strongly in the developing economies after having weathered the financial of 2008-09. The housing boom before the economic meltdown was remarkable for its global reach, although the recovery path has been

Yogurt: The food that triggered functional food revolution

There have been several food fads that have swept the world. Among the food items that have caught the fancy of global audiences is yogurt.