Industry and Market Research Reports on Thailand Archive

Medical tourism in Thailand prospers in the lap of luxury

Thailand is known for being one of the most welcoming countries for travelers and backpackers from across the world. From its nightlife to its street food right to its exquisite beaches, Thailand has always had something to

Thai street-food delight for the travelers

Food remains one of the most inviting prospects for travelers across the world. Especially for a country like Thailand, which draws its maximum revenues from the travel and tourism industry, the street food market remains is not

The electronics market of Thailand to see further investments in 2014

Thailand’s electronic and electrical components sector is a USD 60 billion dollar market which has been thriving and growing exponentially for the last three decades.

The evolving nature of Thailand’s ICT sector in 2014

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Thailand has been undergoing significant changes after having been stagnated for the last few years owing to outdated regulations and low market penetration.

Thailand’s seafood and fishing industry riddled with complications

Thailand harbors one of the largest fishing and sea-food industries of the world, having been ranked as the third main player in the global seafood industry.

Biomass fuels to become the main energy resource in Thailand

The energy consumption in Thailand has risen sharply over the past decade due to the economic expansions the industries have witnessed, alongside the growth of the affluent society.

Strong tourism prospects are expected to spur expansion of the hotel sector of Thailand

Being one of the most favored travel locations across the world, the travel and tourism sector of Thailand, contributes significantly to help sustain the economy of the country.

Political Crisis Hammering the Tourism Sector of Thailand

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Thailand - one that drives thousands of dollars in revenue each year, contributing as much as 10% to the country’s GDP.