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Growth before consolidation: Indian economy as envisioned by the Budget 2015-16

The Narendra Modi government presented its second budget plan on Saturday, the 28th of February for the year fiscal year 2015-16.

Alternative medicine: where mainstream meets the avant-garde

Modern day medicine has been developing at a breakneck speed. Everyday there are new discoveries; new cures are being tested and marketed, eliminating the threat of diseases that have loomed large over humanity for thousands of years.

Emerging Economies: What are people spending money on?

A huge wave of urbanization is driving growth in emerging markets globally. This fast spreading urbanization has brought about a different surge of buying trends among consumers of such countries over the years.

New treatments in dentistry

Patients today are increasingly taking more responsibility of their own health care. They are more well-read, educated by previous health-care experiences, and are thus more informed before taking any decisions about their chosen practitioners and treatment methods.

How safe is the modern medicine?

Modern medicine has contributed a fair deal in the treatment of several infectious diseases and emergencies and is thereby aiding cure to a great extent.