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Outlook of the global energy sector: Factors that will affect its role in our lives

Amidst uncertainties and risks, the global energy sector has to ensure that they remain focused on the future to maintain their operational and financial success.

The enhanced quality of life in Indonesia

Indonesia has undergone an economic transformation since as early as 1970s. Not only has the per capita GDP doubled, inflation has also receded to a great extent.

Indonesia’s tourism looks promising post the curfew lift-off

The Indonesian economy holds great promise as the 16th largest economy in the world. Markets predict that the country has the potential to become the seventh largest economy by 2030.

Alcohol consumption in Europe

Alcoholic beverages are consumed for a number of reasons to serve various purposes at an individual or societal level. For example, it can be consumed for an individual’s enjoyment in the form of a thirst quencher, intoxicant

Global insulation market to touch USD 56.68 billion by 2018

Demand for insulation in residential and commercial buildings is on the rise, as governments are adopting new regulations around the same in an effort to reduce energy consumption.