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Happy employee, happy company!

Traditionally, most financiers have always debated on the sole purpose of a business, arguing that its objective is to make money; and the more, the better.

Sector Updates: Public Sector

Public sector is the segment of economy that is concerned with providing government jobs. In the recent past, public sector has been going through a rough phase.

Impact of the rising cigarette prices in India

India is accountable for around 10% of the tobacco smokers in the world. The recent budget hiked the tax on retail prices of cigarettes by a great extent.

Australia – one of the best countries to live in!

Australia is nation of beautiful beaches, verdant landscape and azure waters. It is counted amongst the better nations to live in around the world.

Australian potato chips market has space for growth

Snacking plays a very important role in the lives of Australians, of whom a large number frequently don’t have the time to eat at regular intervals.