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A brief look at the global circuit breaker and fuse market

The population of the world has been increasing at an alarming rate for quite some time now. While this increase in population is creating different types of problems, several sectors of industry have been profiting from this

Rising fuel consumption driving growth of hydrogen generation market

Hydrogen, the lightest element on earth, is in high demand in a number of industries. Some of the major industries in which it is used extensively are chemical processing, petroleum recovery and refining, metal production and fabrication,

Global demand for electricity being met by the burgeoning wind energy market

Firmly established to be a mainstream option for new age electricity production, wind power is now being widely accepted across multiple emerging markets for its cost effectiveness.

Australia – one of the best countries to live in!

Australia is nation of beautiful beaches, verdant landscape and azure waters. It is counted amongst the better nations to live in around the world.

Outlook of the global energy sector: Factors that will affect its role in our lives

Amidst uncertainties and risks, the global energy sector has to ensure that they remain focused on the future to maintain their operational and financial success.

Energy & Utilities: Sector Updates

Global Biogas Market 2014-2018 Biogas is gaining traction as a versatile energy carrier with significant potential to meet growing demand in the power, heating, and fuel markets.

Nuclear energy is set to power the future

With the United Nations predicting world population growth from 6.7 billion in 2011 to 8.7 billion by 2035, demand for energy will increase substantially in the period.

Energy crunch driving investments in renewable energy

The escalating power crunch is threatening the growth of industries across the globe. In these circumstances, when traditional fuels no longer prove efficient, renewable sources of energy are being adopted across industries. 

Global solar power supply market to reach USD 205 billion in 2014

The global solar power supply market is slated to progress exponentially with the module production capacity growing at a CAGR of 37% by 2013-end, directly from 12, 479 MW in 2008 to 60, 585 MW.

Renewable energy finance outlook for 2014: where is the cash flowing?

As the traditional resources of power are inching towards depletion, a transition from a world dependent on fossil fuels to a society which runs on alternative green energies is imminent.