Research on Global Markets Archive

Increasing shelf life of food by using advanced packaging

Today, the shoppers are looking for high quality, attractive and consumer-ready food that come with a long shelf life. Accepting exotic tastes and eager to try out the newer varieties, the shoppers are prepared to even pay

Reading habits change how books are being published or read

Reading is one of the most common pastimes across the world. In an age of technology and Wi-Fi, our reading habits have undergone a sea change.

Impact of the rising cigarette prices in India

India is accountable for around 10% of the tobacco smokers in the world. The recent budget hiked the tax on retail prices of cigarettes by a great extent.

Technology changing the way television is being viewed

The Internet had helped propelling few things to the spotlight by reshaping the way business is done. However, nothing has been as affected as television.

Outlook of the global energy sector: Factors that will affect its role in our lives

Amidst uncertainties and risks, the global energy sector has to ensure that they remain focused on the future to maintain their operational and financial success.

Cash Cropping methods go through significant transitions

With the primary sector raking in handsome revenues for the country, some of the developing countries tend to focus more on cash crops with export value, especially after trade liberalizations, rather than favoring production of food crops for

Nuclear energy is set to power the future

With the United Nations predicting world population growth from 6.7 billion in 2011 to 8.7 billion by 2035, demand for energy will increase substantially in the period.

Supply chain management evolves with technology

Shaped by international competition, supply chain management (SCM) is growing and rapidly evolving. However, only once SCM personnel are familiar with computer technology, quantitative methods, and planning and problem-solving technique scan resources like people, machinery, facilities, material,

New treatments in dentistry

Patients today are increasingly taking more responsibility of their own health care. They are more well-read, educated by previous health-care experiences, and are thus more informed before taking any decisions about their chosen practitioners and treatment methods.

Animation continues to use latest technology to create “magic” on screen

Technology’s growth and advancements have facilitated development of animation. Technology has evolved from the early phenakistoscope disk (spindle viewer) or flipbook to the invention of zoetrope and current creations of graphic animation.