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Committing to take care of our women!

Recently women’s health issues have gained international importance. This momentum especially increased once United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals catered to elimination of gender-based disparities in healthcare and reduction in maternal mortality.

Growth before consolidation: Indian economy as envisioned by the Budget 2015-16

The Narendra Modi government presented its second budget plan on Saturday, the 28th of February for the year fiscal year 2015-16.

Genomics changing the face of healthcare

Disease classification system will be eventually based on genetic evidence rather than symptoms, altering the clinical practice from the routine of diagnosis and treatment to that of prediction and prevention.

Innovations and new drugs notwithstanding, complete cure for epilepsy still a long way off

Epilepsy is one of the commonest diseases in the world. It is a sort of brain disorder, the symptoms of which can cover a wide range- from benign mild form to life threatening one.

Happy employee, happy company!

Traditionally, most financiers have always debated on the sole purpose of a business, arguing that its objective is to make money; and the more, the better.

Alternative medicine: where mainstream meets the avant-garde

Modern day medicine has been developing at a breakneck speed. Everyday there are new discoveries; new cures are being tested and marketed, eliminating the threat of diseases that have loomed large over humanity for thousands of years.

Sector Updates: Healthcare

Globally, the healthcare industry has been witnessing steady growth over the last couple of years. According to market analysts, globally it will reach a value of USD 3 trillion by 2015.

Estimated growth curve of biosimilars industry over 4 years

The global biosimilar market has been approved in the US since 2010 after the biosimilar-enabling legislation was passed. However, till date, no product application has actually been approved, even though some have been filed.

What are modern consumers spending money on?

As the global economy is gradually getting consumed by globalization and industrialization, the modern consumer habits are also changing from day to day.

Human revolution: Survival of the enhanced

It took nature almost three million years to complete the evolution of human beings from Homo habilis to Homo sapiens. It took mankind a little over three decades to modify those same genes and cure a number