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The changing world of drug registration in Brazil

Currently the world’s 8th largest prescription drug market, Brazil, with its population of 191 million, has been the speculated target market for hefty foreign investments and significant expectations from both multinational and national pharmaceutical companies.

Brazil’s non-alcoholic beverages market remains confident, inspite of slow-growth

The Brazilian economy has witnessed a significant change in the consumption patterns - a large part of these changes are attributed to Brazil’s booming middle class, which now constitutes about 52% of the Brazilian population.

Sauces, dressing and condiment market landscape in Brazil influenced by the changing consumption patterns

Over the last decade, the emerging economies around the world have witnessed a steady rise in the middle class population with a greater disposable income.

ICT priorities in Brazil to be implemented in 12 economic sectors in 2014

One of the fastest growing markets of the world, Brazil is the sixth largest economy of the world. While several sectors of the country had been suffering the backlash of a drooping economy the IT and Communications

2014 to be a year of consolidation for Brazil’s oil and gas industry

Currently going through a huge transformation, Brazil’s oil and gas industry has expanded significantly since 2007. The year began unfavourably for the oil and gas industry in Brazil, which had been facing a deficit of the new

Regulatory changes bolster the growth of the IT and Telecom sector in Brazil

Though Brazil has been facing the backlash of the slowdown of the economy, the realm of technology remained unaffected by it.

Market forecasts for Brazil’s pharmaceutical sector

Highlighted as the country with a universal care system, especially after Brazil regularized their generic drug market, the pharmaceutical sector has shown significant growth over the last few years.

Brazil tourism looks beyond the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games

Brazil being Latin America’s fastest growing travel and tourism industry, it is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all across the world, rapidly having propelled the country into becoming the world’s seventh-largest economy.

Automobile Industry in Brazil going through a slow-down

Among the emerging economies around the world, Brazil is one of the leading nations that have shown substantial development over the last few years.