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Connected consumers: customer is king, once again

A lot has changed in the last decade. The one field where the impact of these changes have been felt the most is communication. Advancements in the field of technology and communication have changed our perception and

Outsourcing: running out of time or here to stay?

Globalization introduced people to a world where everyone and everything is connected. It changed the way people looked at the world, and communicated with each other.

Committing to take care of our women!

Recently women’s health issues have gained international importance. This momentum especially increased once United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals catered to elimination of gender-based disparities in healthcare and reduction in maternal mortality.

Trends affecting the furniture retail industry

The overall global furnishing sector has always dominated a significant part of consumer goods industry. Offering a wide range of furnishing fabrics and other accessories, over the past five years, sale of furnishings has witnessed consistent growth.

Voice recognition: technology of the future

Until very recently, the idea of holding conversations with computers seemed like something out of science fiction, but things have changed since then.

Tech talk: new ways of interacting with gadgets

When Tony Stark was expanding and collapsing the universe by moving his arms, swiping away from one computer window to another with the flick of a finger in air, all of us wanted to own computers that

Rising fuel consumption driving growth of hydrogen generation market

Hydrogen, the lightest element on earth, is in high demand in a number of industries. Some of the major industries in which it is used extensively are chemical processing, petroleum recovery and refining, metal production and fabrication,

Genomics changing the face of healthcare

Disease classification system will be eventually based on genetic evidence rather than symptoms, altering the clinical practice from the routine of diagnosis and treatment to that of prediction and prevention.

Fire without smoke: a look at the new age tobacco consumption

For many generations, smoking tobacco had been something that was done with an almost ritualistic fervor. A ‘pukka sahib’ would always have his cigar- or in most cases, pipe- after dinner, or while enjoying his leisure.

Pirates of the cyber sea: Curse of online storage

Let us the face the fact. We are living in an age where a major portion of our life is spent in the virtual world. As a consequence, there is more data on the cloud than one