Consumer Goods Market Research Reports and Industry Insights Archive

A brief overview of the global baby oil market

Baby oil is used for massaging babies, which stimulates the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin and helps in relaxing them.

Trends affecting the furniture retail industry

The overall global furnishing sector has always dominated a significant part of consumer goods industry. Offering a wide range of furnishing fabrics and other accessories, over the past five years, sale of furnishings has witnessed consistent growth.

Baby clothing sector: the promised land of top fashion brands

There was a time when babies would eagerly wait for the day when they would be big enough to step out of those misshapen clothes and put on fancy garments.

New trends in the gaming industry

Since the early 60s, the video game industry has seen a host of changes. Recent improvements in mobile technologies, app stores, premium business models for this industry and social gaming networks have resulted in a phenomenal shift.

New treatments in dentistry

Patients today are increasingly taking more responsibility of their own health care. They are more well-read, educated by previous health-care experiences, and are thus more informed before taking any decisions about their chosen practitioners and treatment methods.

Animation continues to use latest technology to create “magic” on screen

Technology’s growth and advancements have facilitated development of animation. Technology has evolved from the early phenakistoscope disk (spindle viewer) or flipbook to the invention of zoetrope and current creations of graphic animation.

Technology revamps educational sector

Factors revolutionizing the education sector The three forces that have revolutionized the way education is being imparted today are the rising costs, changing labor market and disruptive technologies resulting in reinvention of the sector.

Childbirth in modern times

A woman having a baby in industrialized countries can expect that both she and her baby will have a healthy journey through pregnancy and birth.

Global market for anti-aging products to be worth USD 191.7 billion by 2019, focus on green products

Women around the world are increasingly feeling the need to continue looking young even as they age. The popularity of anti-aging products, consequently, is on the rise.