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Essence of advertising changes as consumers become connected

Based on the digital evolution, advertising has moved on from print only to multimedia formats targeted at specific audience sectors.

Building smart cities smartly

Smart cities capitalize on new and existing technologies and insights derived from collected data to transform their way of operation and service deliveries.

Media and entertainment sector evolves to cater to the new connected users

Increased smartphone proliferation has completely revolutionized the media and entertainment sector. Research states that by 2020, on an average, 80% of smartphone users would access or stream video and digital content only on their mobile devices.

Social media: from networking to knowledge hub

Times are changing for the media industry, and they are changing fast. Even in the early part of last century, the main source of mass media was print media – be it newspaper or books.

FM broadcasting in India: then and now

In a country like India, FM broadcasting has always held a special place. Being a developing country, television came to India quite late.

Animation continues to use latest technology to create “magic” on screen

Technology’s growth and advancements have facilitated development of animation. Technology has evolved from the early phenakistoscope disk (spindle viewer) or flipbook to the invention of zoetrope and current creations of graphic animation.

Technology revamps educational sector

Factors revolutionizing the education sector The three forces that have revolutionized the way education is being imparted today are the rising costs, changing labor market and disruptive technologies resulting in reinvention of the sector.

For the Love of your Wallets : A post Valentines’ Perspective

Red balloons, red dresses, red hearts, red roses – cities painted red as a celebration of love on the 14th of February, is a familiar sight each year.

A country caught in transformation: Changing lifestyles in Mexico

As a country that boasts of a vivid culture, resplendent tropical beaches and a relaxed but colorful lifestyle, Mexico has always been the abode for travelers and inhabitants alike.