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Building smart cities smartly

Smart cities capitalize on new and existing technologies and insights derived from collected data to transform their way of operation and service deliveries.

Media and entertainment sector evolves to cater to the new connected users

Increased smartphone proliferation has completely revolutionized the media and entertainment sector. Research states that by 2020, on an average, 80% of smartphone users would access or stream video and digital content only on their mobile devices.

Mobile wallets: Replacing cash and swipe with a single phone tap

Mobile wallets take the help of near-field communication (NFC) chips inside smartphones and tablets to transmit payment information.

Outsourcing: running out of time or here to stay?

Globalization introduced people to a world where everyone and everything is connected. It changed the way people looked at the world, and communicated with each other.

Is your organization ready for the new age customers?

No matter what industry you are in, if you are to build a successful business, you cannot do so without having a proper customer service in place.

Voice recognition: technology of the future

Until very recently, the idea of holding conversations with computers seemed like something out of science fiction, but things have changed since then.

Tech talk: new ways of interacting with gadgets

When Tony Stark was expanding and collapsing the universe by moving his arms, swiping away from one computer window to another with the flick of a finger in air, all of us wanted to own computers that

Learning management system market grows as more companies adopt them to develop skill sets across their workforce

Learning management systems (LMS) are software applications that can be used for planning, delivering, managing and appraising a learning process, be it in the corporate world or in an education ecosystem.

Smartphones and smartwatches: comrades-in-arms or challengers to the throne?

When the world was about to step into the new millennium, all one could hear anywhere was the impending disaster that would accompany it.

Pirates of the cyber sea: Curse of online storage

Let us the face the fact. We are living in an age where a major portion of our life is spent in the virtual world. As a consequence, there is more data on the cloud than one