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Increased urbanization and industrialization fuel demand in heat exchanger sector

Increased demand from developing economies and rising industrial growth will be fuelling the growth of heat exchanger equipment market during the coming five years.

No more getting lost in translation, courtesy of machines

Machine translation (MT) is the translation of words by a computer from one language to another. It is one of the major sub-fields of computational linguistics, and deals with statistical or rule-based modeling of natural language.

Tech talk: new ways of interacting with gadgets

When Tony Stark was expanding and collapsing the universe by moving his arms, swiping away from one computer window to another with the flick of a finger in air, all of us wanted to own computers that

Wood plastic composite helping construction industry to go green

The world is shrinking very fast. The population continues to grow, and space for individuals continues to become scarce. The increased demand for living space has translated into a huge spurt of activity in the field of

Brushing aside challenges, the conveyor systems market all set to witness further growth

The population of the world is increasing faster than many of its inhabitants would like it to. Leaving aside the problems of population explosion and those associated with it, what it means is an increase in the

Electric motor: environment saver or power-hogger?

With the increasing focus on environmental issues and attempts to steer clear of vehicles that use conventional fuel, there has been a huge upsurge in the demand for electric motors.

Driving into the future: evolution of automobiles

Speed has always held an irresistible fascination for man. Limited by the way nature built human beings, they gave reign to their passion for speed first by taming the horse, and then by using it to drag

High hopes for revival of Indian economy with new government’s mandate

Even with the election of the new government, which helped India’s lumbering economy register its fastest growth in two-and-a-half years, the truth is that the new government inherited an economic mess.

Technology revamps educational sector

Factors revolutionizing the education sector The three forces that have revolutionized the way education is being imparted today are the rising costs, changing labor market and disruptive technologies resulting in reinvention of the sector.

Manufacturing sector being revolutionized by automated machines and robots

Today, consumers are demanding products that have unique design, technology and features at the lowest possible prices. At the same time, fashion, taste and technology are changing fast.