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An urgent need to cure Obesity as it reaches epidemic levels!

Obesity is a complex medical condition with serious social and psychological dimensions and is known to affect all age and socioeconomic groups of the global population.

New age healthcare: Is technology all set to revolutionize the face of healthcare?

The last few decades has witnessed tremendous change in the field of medical sciences - research and technology that is being used every day to combat illnesses of various kinds has .

Market overview: The global digital pathology market

The global healthcare and biological industry is now observing a steady growth, witnessing nothing less than what can be referred to as a ‘biological revolution’.

Newer dimensions in cancer treatment to enhance life expectancy

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases of our times – statistics show that more than twice the number of people globally die from cancer each year, than from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

Lifestyle diseases have become the primary concern across the medical fraternity

The global healthcare industry has made significant progress in the recent years - the development of new age drugs and treatment procedures, modernization of healthcare facilities across countries, expanding medical care facilities to previously inaccessible areas, revolutionizing

How safe is the modern medicine?

Modern medicine has contributed a fair deal in the treatment of several infectious diseases and emergencies and is thereby aiding cure to a great extent.

Global healthcare industry finance outlook

The global healthcare industry is at the brink of a huge breakthrough and is forecasted to touch USD 3 trillion by the end of 2015.

New age drug discoveries: Increased focus on improving quality of life rather than life expectancy

With the world at large, at an increased risk of death due to various diseases, the healthcare industry is making relentless efforts to come up with cures and treatments, in order to provide a better quality of