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How did Inca Kola, the Peruvian domestic drink oust Coke and Pepsi?

What began as a small bottling company in 1910 in Rima, Lindley Corporation later became the major player of the Peruvian soft drinks markets when they launched their primary drink, the yellowish Inca Kola in 1935.

Financial sector of Peru expects growth in insurance, loans and microfinance

Peru has made great strides not only in its overall economic progress, but also specific to the financial sector, in the last five years.

Tourism in Peru headed towards recovery in 2014

As a country, Peru is known to boast of a varied tourist potential, especially because of its vivid culture, archaeological heritage, monuments and natural protected areas.

Fresh investments to sustain the growing demand for power in Peru

The economy of Peru has experienced steady growth over the past few years. Reviving from the global economic slowdown, the country set its wheel of growth into motion at a consistent CAGR of 4 to 10%.

Increased economic viability fosters online retail sales in Peru

Peru is one of the fastest growing South American countries, ranking 7th of the 29 countries of South and Central America. Reviving from the aftermath of the global economic slowdown the country’s economy experienced a healthy boost

Defense spending in Peru expected to increase in a bid to eliminate insurgents

Peru has been burdened with rebellion and internal as well as external strife for several years now. The resurgent Shining Path rebel movement alongwith increasing drug crops has plagued the country, significantly crippling the economy.

Packaged Food Flourishes in Peru

Peru inspite of being the third largest country of South America, has remained isolated in its socio-economic developments. The country still faces a huge disparity between the rich and poor which combined with continual political unrests, inconsistent

Increased awareness of oral hygiene to help overcome Peruvians’ adversity towards personal care

A market study conducted in Peru, found that Peruvians were never very concerned with oral hygiene, some opting to brush their teeth less than twice a day.