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Happy employee, happy company!

Traditionally, most financiers have always debated on the sole purpose of a business, arguing that its objective is to make money; and the more, the better.

BRICS slated to emerge among the top 10 players in the medical technology markets

In the past medical innovation was restricted to developed nations owing to their consolidated wealth, knowledge, skills, infrastructure, technology and market forces that enabled them to nurture innovation.

Are the new government reforms enough to promote the growth of the medical devices market in South Africa?

South Africa was ranked as one of the 30 most populous countries with 51 million people in 2013. The population is mostly young, with the country currently having the highest birth rate in the world.

Renewable energy sources to help resolve electricity crises in South Africa

According to the World Economic Forum’s data on the competitiveness index on Africa, the South African renewable energy sector is expecting an exponential growth that is likely to abbreviate the electricity crisis faced by the country. 

Emerging health conscious middle-class spurs growth of the milk market in South Africa

Whilst the South African market is characterized by high competition, in an unregulated market scenario where no cooperatives exist at the national level, the production of raw milk in the country remains highly fragmented.

Innovations in South Africa to foster the growth of the consumer electronic market

The electronic industry of South Africa has proven itself by delivering intuitive products in the past. The market spectrum was extensive enough to sustain the dominance of both the generalist companies adept in electronic components manufacturing, and

South Africa looks to reform and equalize the healthcare system

With more than 48 million people, South Africa is recognized as one of the most stable economies of South Africa and is among the world’s fastest growing economies.

The IT services market of South Africa is characterized by intense competition

South Africa’s IT landscape has been changing dynamically over the past few years, with cloud based services and BPOs speculated to dominate the sector, in 2014.

Bleak prospects of the automotive sector of South Africa in 2014

In the wake of the global financial crisis, while most countries tried to stay afloat in a drowning economy, South Africa being one of the most stable emerging economies managed to remain intact.