Lend your business development the social media power

In today’s digitally connected world, when use of the Internet and e-commerce is steadily on the rise, the social media has become the new face of marketing campaigns for companies.

Budget Analysis 2013

Missing the woods for the trees With probably the worst possible economic backdrop in recent years and an election round the corner, one could possibly argue that Chidambaram’s hands were a bit tied.

Augmenting sales: How social media can help

Social networking has almost become a household term today, with millions of netizens visiting the social media sites everyday.

Union Budget 2013-14: The hits and misses

The Union Budget 2013-14 tabled by the newly appointed Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram has drawn mixed reactions from different sectors.

Brand Awareness – Facebook vs LinkedIn vs Twitter

With the global consumer market expanding at a steady pace, companies across the world are looking for means to increase their B2B and B2C presence.

Why market intelligence and market research became indispensable to businesses

With the global service market becoming more and more competitive by the day, the importance of industry and company specific knowledge is also on the rise.

Going online and the need for online reputation monitoring

Online reputation monitoring has emerged as an important aspect of a brand’s image and more and more SMEs across the globe are investing in the concept.

How prospect profiling enhances sales efficiency?

Implementation of the wrong sales strategy can lead to loss of money, energy and most importantly, prospective clients. Reaching out to the wrong client is a common problem faced by companies operating in the B2B space and this is where quality research practices and techniques like prospect profiling come into play.

Primary market research and Secondary market research: Strategies to stay ahead of the game

With the consumer market becoming increasingly competitive, Primary market research and Secondary market research has become an important part of business strategy.

Is social media the next big thing in market research?

How many times in a day do you log on to your Twitter or Facebook account to post a status update? The answer would probably be more than once for many.